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xpinkneko [userpic]
Chest ribbon angel, Marie antoinette, Alice and her black cat!
by xpinkneko (xpinkneko)
at March 7th, 2015 (09:18 am)
current location: Canada, Qu
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Hi!, before you buy please read!
I ship from Canada, i use by plane shipping because it's faster and safer, i'm sorry it's expensive for international.
I'm not responsible if the package is lost or damaged.
My price are in USD and i use paypal.
Shipping is included in the prices.
I have two cats but everything is washed and lint rolled before i ship them but i can't do miracles!
I accept offers but i'll still give priority to someone who wants to pay full price.
Here's my feedback page : http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/1123517.html
I might be open for trades but i'm more into fairy kei/pastel casual clothes.
If you need more pictures or infos feel free to ask!

Sugary flora (i'm not 100% sure of the name) 80$ Us/Canada 92$ International

Back Stain

Waist: 24-26" Length: 20"

One of my blouse stained the back inside of it, i haven't tried to wash it off with more than a simple soap but it doesn't really show since it's only inside.

Alice and her black cat 100$ Us/Canada 105$ International


Waist: 24-27" Length: 21"

It has a little stain in the front that i can't wash off.

Marie antoinette 135$ US/Canada 150$ International

Neckties Right underarm

Bust: 32-36" Waist: 28-32" Length: 34"

It came to me with yellow underarms and neckties. I haven't tried anything on the underarm, the right one is a little darker. I just noticed about the neckties when i took pictures so i haven't tried to wash them either. It's such a pretty dress i'm sad i never had the chance to wear it!

Chest ribbon angel 104$ Us/Canada 116$ International

Lace Lace

Bust: 32-40" Length: 36"

Some yellowing on the lace (it's a little darker on the pictures) i didn't try to remove it with more than a simple soap so it might come off.