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Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
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Welcome to btssb!

This community is dedicated to Baby, The Stars Shine Bright.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright is a Tokyo design house. Currently one of the most popular brands of Lolita fashion in Japan. Established in 1988 by Akinori Isobe and his wife Fumiyo.

Be nice and play by the rules!

- Post information, news, pictures, scans, fan art, etc. Anything goes as long as your post is related to Baby, The Stars Shine Bright.
- If you're posting an image that exceeds either 400 pixels in width or 400 in height, more than one picture, or a large amount of text, please put it behind a LJ-cut. If you do not, you will be asked to edit and if no changes are made within twelve hours, your post will be deleted. You may then re-post the entry as long as it fits within the community standards.
- Community advertisement is not permitted!
- If you don't like Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, don't bother joining.
- Most importantly - be kind to one another! If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all. Any deliberately offensive posts/comments will be deleted, and appropriate actions will be taken. Users may also be banned for frequently breaking these rules.

Have fun!

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